From the dumbest student to an author; my journey.

“Who’s the dumbest student in class?”

My teacher raised this question, in a second standard class room on a gloomy evening. I don’t know what her intention was, but I’m pretty sure the whole class pointed towards a girl in white shirt and navy skirt, and monotonically said, ” She is .”  

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Well, I remember people calling me dumb. Surely I admit now that, I was .

For me, life was always confusing.

The one major reason for this is because that I come from a dysfunctional family. My parents were having their own fights while I was growing up as a child. I had no friends. I was never able to start a conversation with someone and was poor in academics for obvious reasons.

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My childhood bend me till I broke. I never framed my behavior because whenever I looked at myself, I was looking at shattered pieces of my image. I failed to develop self esteem. I was in pain and cried in vain. This fumes of rejections, embarrassments and rebukes burned inside me and it exploded into anger.

But I was never happy. I ended up hurting myself all the time. I thought impressing people might help me and I became too servile. Never learned to say ‘NO’ and never learned to smile genuinely.

Later I figured out, I have maladaptive behavior or a serious condition of involuntary daydreaming. This was my defensive mechanism to elope from day-to-day life, so that I can be happy in my own world. I was constantly dreaming about a  world in which I am not crucified. I dreamed of success as everyone else does it, though mine was a psychological condition to do so.

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But the good part of this was that my dreams began to grow gigantically and its roots penetrated deep into my mind. They echoed I will win. For some reasons, I believed I will win. Sooner or later I realized I’m on my way to winning.

But the journey was not easy. I have realized many things on this short speck of time. I realized the only person who can save me is myself since no one else care. I stopped impressing people and started to love myself. I have realized self-love and self-care go hand in hand. I took a oath to nurture myself, both internally and externally. I began to seek my inner self, to fill the void I was carrying the whole time. I began reading all those self-motivating books to heal my wounds. It helped. I became more assertive. The self affirmations gave me power. I started to write down things which were loud in my head. I began to travel more. I began to repair in myself than to see the fault in others. I began to see happiness. It came to seek me! I felt ecstasy, which I swear I only felt once, inside the womb of my mother.

Let me specify once more, the journey was not easy. It taught me many things on the way.  I was not courageous, fear haunted me all the way. I was scared of the cliche thought, ” What will people think?”

Then I learned, people never think of others, they make opinions about others according to their conveniences. And who cares about opinions since everybody talk some random sh*t.

I have learned many harsh truths like these. These lessons hit me at different times, from different persons and I still bear those scars of memory proudly. It reminds myself that I possess a valiant soul.

There were people and circumstances which sowed negativity on my path. I thank them because I learned to tackle negativity. Some days I lose hope and curse my past. But somehow the universe conspires me to go ahead and show the world that, ” I have got some guts”. It maybe any person, a quote, a book, a movie or a song that catches my attention or do they attract me? Anyhow they inspires me to outgrew my cocoon of shyness and fear. So, I can finally metamorphose myself into a beautiful butterfly.

The universe overhear your thoughts and guides you to achieve it. I’m an insignificant creature with a curious soul, if I could fill the gap in universe with my thoughts and actions, then it will work for everyone.

Because I figured out, for the universe to conspire you, you should conspire the universe first. YOU, should ask the universe what you seek. Ask for your dreams to come true. Just jot it down in your diary. It’s like ordering a product online, once you purchase the item, you know that you will get it on your house door. Why? Because you believe it.

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Ask the universe for anything you need and BELIEVE that you will get it. BELIEVE is a strong word, when it stings you, you won’t believe the miracles happening to you.



I never wrote my story.  I believed I could . See for yourself know, my journey from the dumbest student to an author.

As always, thanks for reading.



Karma is a Boomerang

I helped someone, when literally no one was willing to do it. I was with her, backed her, skipped my sleep and took a toll on my physical health.

Then there came a time, where I was alone, not sure what to do, panicked, confused and helpless. She saw me and knew what I was going through.

She fled and all I felt is a chill.

Harsh reality of life is some people are toxic. They rip the heart out of you. They smile hiding their fangs. They take advantage of you for being nice.

Trust is a complex word. If you trust someone you either get a friend or a lesson for life.

This is a lesson I have learned.

Make sure you play this unfair game of life without hurting yourself.

Love yourself and care yourself.

And forgive the person who tried to snatch the happiness out of you.

Because KARMA is a bitch. It strikes one instantly .

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I have seen her in worse situation, after her betrayal, have seen her crying all broken.

But, it’s not the time to take vengeance. Some people learn to take vengeance slowly. I am one among them.

Again I extended a hand to her and GUESS WHAT ?

Again I ended up hurting myself :<

I wanted to say, some people are not meant to be in your life. If you get that hint, burn the bridges without a doubt. Cut the friendship, it’s going to help you in a long run. 

This will offer you more happiness and peace of mind.

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You are the one responsible for your happiness. Don’t let any other soul to extinguish it. 

Be happy and have sparkles in you day ­♥♥♥♥

Thanks for reading.

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Shine Like a Star.

Stars were sprinkled in the blushing light of moon. When they shined, they showered hopes to many…..


Ever watched the night sky?

Not the night sky you view from a metropolitan city dumped with dust and expressionless black. I’m talking about the real night sky, sowed with tiny twinkling stars around a gorgeously glowing moon.


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It feels so good to watch night sky.

The comets that wave to us and disappears unknowingly. The mystic ambiance. Mysteries in air.The sound of crickets.The branches of trees as silhouettes.

I was mind-fucked when I came to know that the twinkling light of stars travel many light-years to reach earth. That this light is old that not even our grandparents were born when it was first formed inside the core of a star.

It astonished me.

Are those light born billions of years before just to visit me, this day, this night?

This light traveled zillions of distances. The light from the past. A past as old as the origin of sun or maybe more.

When you see the starlight, you are literally seeing the past.

Maybe the star from which the light came is dead by now. But you never know.

The whole life is an illusion. You can’t define past and future. All you know is this is true because you live in the moment.

Ignite knowledge and happiness in others with your inner light, in this moment.



Make this moment cherishing and do all awesome stuffs.

Go out and meet new people.

Extend a hand to someone to in need.

Finish that book you once started reading.

Hug your friends when they least expect it.

Visit your grandparents

Celebrate small successes.

Walk and talk confidently.

Seize the moment.

Because once you will look back and will regret for things that you haven’t done. Do it now. It will bring goodness to people in a very distant future. People whom you have never met.

Make sure you shine like a star. Have sparkles in your day.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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Happy Mantras.

A big Hello to all beautiful people out there,

Thanks for the immense support that you give me…it’s really boosting my energy and inspiring me to write more. Today I wanted to share some of my thoughts about life realities.

Life maybe harsh for you these times. But keep calm and focus, for life is unfair to all. We need to tackle all dirty games of life and move ahead.

Here are my findings about life after living for about 2 decades. You might have already discovered them. Good for you. Let’s dive in:


1. People hate you for being liked.

2. Some friends may gossip about you at your back. Smile at their face and AVOID THEM.

3. Some people can make you laugh till your stomach ache and you almost forget what made you sad.

4. Parents are your greatest treasure, love them else you will regret one day.

5. Travel more, explore and admire the beautiful world, it can make you more wise and well prepared.

6. Never marry for the sake of marrying; marry someone with whom you can be the real you. Like you can laugh awkwardly for hours without shame for a silly joke.

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7. Never act like someone else for getting attention. It will ruin you eventually.

8. You don’t need to please everybody.

9. It’s best to keep mum when everybody else in the room is arguing.

10. Don’t do anything every time for free, people take it as an advantage.

11. People who laugh always are not happy, they laugh to hide pain.

12. Some people are not meant to be in your life despite how hard we want them.

13. Everybody is happy on FB, cool on insta, angry on Twitter and professionally fit on LinkedIn. Better try to be a reader on Quora.

14. Confess your love to your crush. Yeah! Show some guts.

15. Be brave to do stuffs that make you afraid everyday and feel alive. Like point 14 😉

16. Take care of your body, it is the place you only live. Exercise and Meditate.

17. Send cards to old friends anonymously. Make them wonder who the hell is thinking about them.

18. Don’t ever sell your dreams to money and people.

19. Read books. It can widen your self image.

20. Try to write something. It shows the world your self image.

Thanks for reading.

Listen When Universe Calls.

Intuition is an  exact science- Paulo Coelho


I don’t exactly know how do you feel it, but it’s imperative that everyone feels it.

There’s an inner voice that leads everyone.   You may or may not follow it, that’s up to you.  Often you don’t have the guts to obey it.

But whenever you trust this voice, you are lead to what you wanted.  In fact you are led to ecstasy and I felt it many times.

Your thoughts are constantly heard by the universe,  it’s recorded and it moves the forces for you to achieve it as well.

I have read somewhere that our mind acts both as a transmitter and the receiver;  it transmits our thoughts to a higher intellect (i.e. God, Nature or whatever you name it) and we receive situations and persons according to the nature of our thoughts.

Is the universe a big antenna?

If you induce good thoughts, good things come to you. SO NEVER CONTRADICT YOUR THOUGHTS WITH YOUR DREAMS. Always be positive and spread cheers in the air.

I know this because I felt it.

I find it very amusing to know that books have life.  Whenever I think of reading a particular book, it comes to me somehow at the right time.

Yes, I mean the book finds me.

Once my professor was talking about a book titled ‘SIDDHARTHA’ written by a German author Hermann Hesse, which his professor had asked him to read.

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The book portrayed the story of Siddhartha someone who had  lived in the era of Buddha and dwelled into his self-discoveries and stuffs.

My professor suggested our class to pick the book if we got a chance.   I thought about reading it, but forgot about it in between all the mess faced by an average student.   But subconsciously I was still tilling my way towards the book.

One day I was passing by the literary section of my college library with no intention other than to refer to a technical book related to engineering (Because my exams were approaching).

It happened when I decided to stop and have a look at the literary section where the first book of first row in the first cupboard was ‘SIDDHARTHA’ as if it was leaning towards me and looking at me; ECSTASY.

When I grabbed the book stretching my arms, I felt a rapport between the book and me,  as if we both were waiting for each other unknowingly.

Universe helped me pick the right book. It conspired me.

This is the perfect time to quote these lines from the book, ”THE SECRET”, by Rhonda Byrne,

‘This is a magnificent universe.  The Universe is bringing all good things to me. The universe is conspiring for me in all good things. The universe is supporting me in everything I do. The universe meets all my needs immediately. Know that this is a friendly universe!’                                                                            


Thanks for reading.

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Get Lost AND have a Life.


Have you ever got lost in an unknown city?  No cellphone, not knowing the language, no idea how to join your folks ….then you might know that you won’t get scared, but instead you will stand on a fine line between excitement and confusion.

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The story happened in the state of Gujarat, where me and my friend Nishta got lost in an unknown crowd at the heart of the city. I was not carrying my cellphone and hers was getting lower in charge.

Our excitement crawled over fear.

And what have we done?

We went to seek help from a group of native girls, asked them to lend their phone for a minute. But they refused with lame excuses. They might have thought we were frauds.

They got scared for the obvious reason. And we two lost girls didn’t want to scare those native girls. Sometimes life is overwhelmingly funny.

We went to a police man who was standing under a highway nearby, where the building under that highway happened to be a police station!

The officer was so kind and excited, welcomed us inside. He cared us because we were two lost souls. His next move was unexpected that he offered us coffee in very small cups.

I don’t know why he did that until we tasted it. That was not an ordinary coffee, the first sip made our taste-buds to drool .The aroma of finely baked beans…….never in my life I have had anything like this. ( You may think that I’m exaggerating…I’m not.)

I think it’s a very famous coffee at that area. I can say it from the satisfied faces of policn who awaited for our reaction after the first sip.

The police officer helped us find an auto and we finally reached the destination.

Whenever I recollect this event, I often ask myself….will I ever get to taste this coffee if I never got lost?

The beauty of getting lost is you come across something you might have never imagined in your wildest dream.

Did you ever think that there is a police station, under a highway at the core of a city which served the most delicious coffee to relieve the stress of those who came to file complaints?

As I always say, travelling makes us more wise and well prepared.

It gives us unique experiences every-time that you can’t enjoy it for a second time. You live in the moment, in the split of this second.

Be dare to go outside and get lost, universe may have hidden something special for you.


Thanks for reading.

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Lazy People Rule The World.

“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” -Alan Keightley

We are fed with lies from the day we had our first cry.

You are sent to school at a tender age and then get programmed to grab a degree then a job and then find your life partner, marry, get settled and have kids; so you can see your children repeat this whole set.

That’s how society works. But do you ever think this chain is irrelevant that there’s strictly a need to unfollow it so that you can finally be free?

There are people who left this cycle to play their own games in life. They set the rules. They travel the less travelled path as the great poet mentioned. They are self-made millionaires and billionaires, not born with silver spoons in mouth.

How did they get rich?

By hard work, you might say. Again the world taught you lies, honey.

Its smart work. It’s more productive in the long run rather than the hard work.

Hard work will eventually perish your health and time. It makes you desperate even if you get a menial success.

Don’t get me wrong.

Remember smart work is not the antonym of honest work. It’s just SMART work.

But look at lazy people, they work when it’s only really needed, they figure out the shortest way. They have Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals.

Again, please don’t get me wrong. If you want an ordinary life bragging about your academic success and digits of your salary, you may stop reading this now.

I’m not talking only about making money because money is not the only wealth you want. Trust me.

Money is the part of wealth. You need other valuables in life like health, family, friends and good memories. What’s the point in owning a huge castle and living alone?

Don’t forget the other aspects of life while you work hard to achieve only money. Be smart to be lazy.

Because lazy people rule the world.

Thanks for reading.